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Simple, Compliant,Cost-Effective Cybersecurity

We take the complexity out of cybersecurity. We work with companies across a range of industries to accomplish Zero Trust Architecture and improve  cybersecurity programs.

Cybersecurity Made Easy

Solutionz Security was founded to deliver enterprise cyber capabilities to small and mid-sized businesses. All of our cyber solutions are founded on the simple concept that we deliver a single point of contact to perform the entire cybersecurity lifecycle for your organization. Our approach begins with understanding what you are already doing to protect yourself and maximizing your existing cybersecurity investments. From there, we wrap in the necessary services to effectively protect your organization from the growing number of cybercrimes.

Our sister company, Solutionz Inc, was founded in 2002 and has served 30,000+ customers in the last 20 years. We work with a broad variety of customers from many different countries and industries, delivering solutions that enable global commerce. Solutionz Security is the next step in our mission of enabling businesses to do their job simply, cost-effectively, and efficiently.

At Solutionz Security, we deliver the most reliable, comprehensive and best in class solutions that do far more than meet your minimum-security requirements. We are a business partner that can deliver technologies, risk management, penetration tests, vulnerability management, security analysts and are dedicated to delivering a simple, effective cybersecurity program tailored to your business.

Solutionz Security leverages purchasing power, infrastructure and financial strength, to deliver cost effective cybersecurity solutions that are focused on helping our customers protect their information, infrastructure, and meet their regulatory requirements.

To deliver our services we work from the existing 18+ offices across the United States supported by our Security Operations Centers in Williamsburg, VA. Our geographical reach allows us to serve customers no matter the size or the budget.

Our corporate strength, cybersecurity experience, and deep cybersecurity expertise coupled with best-in-class tools, proven processes and leveraging our customer’s existing investments ensures that we deliver the most cost-effective security programs on the market today.


Average cost of security breach in 2020


Average cost of a single ransomware attack


Cost of an assessment to understand security gaps


Solutionz Security provides an assessment and strategy for improving chosen critical security programs. We offer flexible cybersecurity protection, tailored to your needs.