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Cybercriminals are Targeting Education

Posted by Molly Malone on Oct 28, 2021 2:38:21 PM

Last year, the FBI reported that more than 1,600 schools were the victims of cyberattacks, a significant increase from previous years. IT decision makers are faced with securing networks as fast and affordably as possible while being accountable for compliance with Federal cybersecurity standards (FERPA, CIPA, and PPRA).

“The challenge for IT professionals in an educational setting is the unique blend of users accessing networks and the need to mitigate cybersecurity risks by ensuring everyone stays aware of how their actions can compromise the overall organization. Students, teachers, administrators, and others all have the potential to click the wrong link, provide information to the wrong website, or leave doors open for intruders set on malicious activities.

A trusted technology partner with a solid understanding of the full range of cybersecurity protections is crucial. Many cybersecurity companies sell single intrusion detection services but do not address the vulnerabilities around people and processes. Building an effective cybersecurity program starts with a two-pronged approach. A Defense Posture Assessment tells where an organization stands in its current state of cybersecurity risk management. Social Engineering prevention in the form of security awareness training immediately begins to mitigate the most common access points for cybercriminals --people.

Solutionz Security offers a Defense Posture Assessment, a 150+ page report that details an organization’s current protections and offers prioritized steps needed to reach Zero Trust Architecture--the US government’s recommended cybersecurity standard. As a trusted technology partner committed to good cyber hygiene, Solutionz Security builds a comprehensive program using vulnerability management tools that an organization has in place, believing that any money spent on cybersecurity is a solid investment.

To address the greatest risk to data security, people, Solutionz Security has a dynamic and affordable online cybersecurity awareness training, engaging users at all levels with quick, even entertaining, deep-dive videos, quizzes, and surprise email phishing tests. Metrics show that our cybersecurity education dramatically reduces the number of people falling for phishing scams.

Educational institutions are accountable for securing large amounts of personal data. Being aware of federal privacy laws specific to education and showing compliance requires a broad scope of expertise not typical of in-house IT teams. Solutionz Security has the expertise that makes the complex simple, partnering with schools to bring the greatest security, in the least amount of time, and with the most careful use of resources.

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