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Cybersecurity Awareness: The Fastest Way to Mitigate the Biggest Risk!

Posted by Molly Malone on Nov 19, 2021 11:49:46 AM

What protects your organization and your employees, entertains, informs, and has measurable results? The answer: Solutionz Security Cybersecurity Awareness Training!

If thieves were lurking outside your offices, threatening to steal your assets, you would lock the doors and tell everyone how to be vigilant against the potential threats. Cybersecurity is just a bit different, but not by much. While many of us know how to protect our property in the physical world, the virtual world is a newer landscape that does not feel as threatening because we don’t see the perpetrators in person. But thieves are trying to steal information and do real harm to organizations, often rendering individuals and businesses bankrupt.

The bad news is that phishing scams are on the rise and are increasingly successful. One study reports that 75% of organizations globally experienced a phishing attack in 2020 and 74% targeting businesses in the US were successful. The economic impact for smaller organizations with 500-1,000 employees had an average cost of a data breach of $2.65 million or $3,533 per employee.

The good news is Solutionz Security offers one of the fastest ways to close the vulnerability gap, a “try before you buy” Cybersecurity Awareness Training program. Short, entertaining, videos teach how to recognize and protect against various cybercrimes. Monthly phishing tests simulating the experience of being targeted, keep users on their toes and increase vigilance against phishing emails and other types of social engineering scams designed to steal data. With the results of the phishing tests and user engagement with the videos and short quizzes, a monthly report demonstrates the effectiveness of the training and where additional resources might be needed.

Educating users on the myriad of ways cybercriminals are targeting them, at work and at home, is an enormous step towards making your organization and the world a safer place. Solutionz Security delivers fast results with little investment of time from your IT department or your employees. Let us show you timely, effective and measurable results!

Sign up today to protect your employees and your organization. Everyone wins with more awareness!




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