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Comprehensive Cybersecurity Made Simple

Posted by Molly Malone on Jul 13, 2023 7:31:01 AM

In today's digital landscape, data security has become paramount for businesses of all sizes. No organization can afford to underestimate the importance of protecting sensitive information from cyber threats. This is particularly true for companies like United Ag & Turf (UAT), which operates across multiple regions, serving a wide range of clients in the land care industry.  

United Ag & Turf is a prominent equipment dealer specializing in land care solutions. With two distinct regions, South Central and Northeast, UAT serves various stakeholders, including farmers, landscapers, homeowners, golf and sports turf managers, and governments. As an authorized dealer of John Deere tractors, mowers, utility vehicles, and agricultural and construction equipment, UAT has experienced significant growth over the years. The South Central region started with six locations and expanded to include 51 dealerships primarily in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico. The Northeast region comprises 38 locations spread across seven states, ranging from New York to Maine. Each region operates as a separate business unit with the same product lines and requires robust IT infrastructure management.  

To meet a national corporate standard for data security, UAT's primary supplier issued a set of 22 cybersecurity protocols. Implementing and maintaining compliance with these policies throughout all 89 locations in both regions posed a considerable challenge. UAT discovered that the smaller independent dealerships they were acquiring often lacked the necessary knowledge, resources, and expertise to invest in cybersecurity measures. Some employees even believed that their organization was not a target for cybercriminals. Educating and securing the entire organization became a significant undertaking for UAT.  

Realizing the need for a cybersecurity partner capable of meeting compliance requirements, UAT leaders engaged Solutionz Security. To kickstart the process, Solutionz Security performed a risk assessment to identify existing network protection tools and vulnerabilities. With this information, the team built a comprehensive program that not only covered the 22 required protocols but also went beyond to enhance data security. The program includes multiple components aimed at safeguarding UAT's sensitive information: 

Multi-factor authentication: Strengthening access controls by adding an extra layer of security during authentication.

Desktop protection: Implementing robust security measures to secure the organization's workstations.

Data encryption: Protecting sensitive data by encrypting it both at rest and in transit.

Cybersecurity training and phishing tests: Educating all UAT employees on best practices and raising awareness about potential threats.

Dark web monitoring and data leak management: Proactively monitoring the dark web for any potential data breaches and managing them effectively.

Cybersecurity incident response plan: Developing a comprehensive plan to guide employees in the event of a ransomware attack or other cybersecurity incidents.

Additionally, Solutionz Security provided anti-virus software with monitoring and reporting capabilities, ensuring that UAT's IT leaders are promptly alerted to any significant incidents. This proactive defense posture has alleviated the burden of constant monitoring and issue mitigation from UAT's internal IT team. 

The partnership between United Ag & Turf and Solutionz Security has yielded numerous benefits, saving UAT time, money, and uncertainty. By having a dedicated cybersecurity partner, UAT can confidently manage its complex systems while having a clear roadmap to address potential threats. The collaboration allows UAT's IT directors to focus on other critical aspects of the business, knowing that their cybersecurity defense is in capable hands. Solutionz Security's flexibility and responsiveness are instrumental in the success of the partnership. The team is open to dialogue and readily adapts to UAT's evolving needs, making necessary adjustments to the cybersecurity program as required.

Having Solutionz Security as a partner also speeds up onboarding new dealerships, enabling formerly small independent companies to strengthen their cybersecurity postures. The expertise provided by Solutionz Security ensures that UAT stays ahead of evolving cyber threats, offering peace of mind and streamlined operations.

The flexibility, responsiveness, and true partnership demonstrated by Solutionz Security ensure that UAT's cybersecurity measures will continue to evolve alongside the organization's growth. With Solutionz Security as their trusted cybersecurity partner, United Ag & Turf can confidently navigate the digital landscape, knowing their data is protected and their operations can thrive.


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