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Our Commitment

Solutionz Security values each customer and the trust they place in us. We are committed to providing world-class cybersecurity expertise with timely, accurate, and cost-effective solutions designed to protect organizations of all sizes.


We work closely with clients to establish a partnership that transparently empowers their cyber defense postures. Our high-quality service begins with listening, documenting and analyzing customer-provided data about current cyber programs. We deploy our expertise in cybersecurity in concert with cyber solutions clients are actively using and build a program including these components. Keeping client organizations protected is our highest priority and at the heart of our commitment to be as a trusted technology partner.


Average cost of security breach in 2020


Average cost of a single ransomware attack


Cost of our assessment to understand security gaps


Solutionz Security  provides an assessment and strategy for improving chosen critical security programs. We offer flexible cybersecurity protection, tailored to your needs.

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